Kyle was not only my brother, he was my best friend, my business partner, and one of the strongest and kind-hearted people I knew. I’m eternally grateful that I was able to rebuild a close friendship with him over these past two years as he gained strong sobriety and peacefully died that way. He looked up to me, which is a scary thought to think about, and followed in my footsteps. When I got into making websites, he did the programming for them at the age of 12. When I got into trouble, he was standing right next to me while I blamed him for it. We shared vacations, birthday parties, and hundreds of amazing memories together that I will never forget. He impacted the lives of people around him more than I ever even knew. I’ve learned that he motivated people to go to college and take degrees in computing. He’s helped hundreds of people online make money by teaching and training them. This year has been the hardest year of my life and he was right by my side supporting me. He told me that I was his inspiration since a child, and that I shaped who he was today. He told me that Eagles soar above and I belive that completely. His words kept my spirits high through the tough periods I was dealing with in my life.

Kyle was one of the most intelligent and ambitious people that I know. He was constantly researching and trying to improve his own businesses. He spent countless hours not only thriving at his work, but improving and trying to become the best. He had a steadfast resolution to make it in life, and the last message I sent to him was that he would one day surpass the successes I have received in my life and that I was proud to have him as my brother. Kyle told my father that once he gets rich from his own successful business, he would give me a million dollars for helping him and showing him what I knew. He loved business, just like me, and we always related on that level.

Kyle was very involved with AA and had a strong support group of people that loved him and cared about him, many of which are here today. I was able to see him completely turn his life around from being an introverted silent kid to a sociable adult that loved being with friends and family. He changed back into the person I once knew and we shared two amazing years together. I am proud to call him my brother. Our friendship blossomed into something I will never forget. I will love him forever.

When I heard the news about my brothers passing my earth shattered, my heart broke. I had lost one of the most important people in my life. I was at a loss of words, and you could say that I still am now. He was too young to pass away in this life today, but on the other side, I knew that he lived a truly happy life where he loved God, his fiance, and our family more than anything. He would always call me to hang out, even if it was for 30 minutes just to get him out of the house. We could talk about our nerdy topics for hours on end and that is something that will be missed forever. I remember reading his blog and almost every single day he posted something positive and how happy he was just to be alive. He lived a happy life where he believed deeply in God and that God was taking care of him. He was proud of his belief and he knew he was in good hands. I will never lose those moments. I stand up here today knowing that God didn’t cause this, but God will carry me through this tough time.

Kyle Eagle was a great man, more than I could ever put into a sentence or a paragraph. As I write this, I’m still in utter shock and disbelief of what happened. I know one thing – I know that not a day will pass without me thinking about all the good times we spent together. He was there for me in my darkest hours, and with me on my highest highs. I pray that he’s in another, happier place now. I love you Kyle, I love more than you will ever know.