Father’s Eulogy


There are two days I will never forget. the first day was joyous and happy September 13, 1990 , it was the birth of our second son-Kyle Patrick Eagle, another tiny beautiful boy. The second day was May 25, 2013, the day Kyle passed away, shocking and devasting. In between these two dates life was filled with great family days, school days, trips, a tiny broken finger from a trip when he was around 3,and so many things it’s hard to remember them all. Kyle was a very bright ambitious, brilliant boy. He loved animals , all kinds- snakes, turtles, toads, dogs, cats, birds and more. He was a computer lover, learning programming in several languages and he made his living off of it. His best friend was his brother Ryan. The love of his life was his fiance Jennifer Barka. Kyle was into sports – soccer, football (until a fractured elbow), he did not like little league . I remember vividly his first apartment, where we waited at a McDonald’s until the credit check was done, and the happy day when Jenny moved in and her family came to help set up everything with us. I still can’t believe he is gone, but will never leave me or my family’s hearts or thoughts. I know he is on a big Mac in another place, with all sorts of animals and friends , working away on his next project. We miss him so much, he will remain forever with us and God. When we visit his final resting place, dad always reminds him to be good, and we will be with him someday.