Kyle was the love of my life. We met each other through one of his many websites back in 2007 when I was looking for surveys to do. When I came across his website, he had an option to add him on Myspace, so I did. From there we started talking every day. On July 13th 2009, he had asked me out and then we started seeing each other on Skype and he came to visit me a couple times a year until we moved in together. Christmas of 2012 we became engaged and it was one of our best days ever. Meeting him and living with him was so amazing and the best years of my life. We loved doing everything together and couldn’t stand being apart for more than a day. If we’re apart, we’re always on Skype and Facebook. He was always there for me when I was going through bad times and he sure knew how to make me happy and loved every day.

He was a quiet but very outgoing guy. He’s the type who always had to be on the go. He loved going to the beach, going to forest preserves and the dog parks, go to his parents’ house to take a bath, shopping, or even just drive around aimlessly just to be out of the house and being active. The only time he would be in the house was when he was working for his brother or on his own company. He loved computers and programming. I think it was so cool he learned all the programming on his own and taught himself in four computer languages! When we first met, he loved helping me with my website and was always teaching me new things. His dream was to create his own successful business and become well-known. In fact, that very same day he passed away, he got a letter saying his company was legalized.

Kyle loved his family and friends very much. He loved making everyone happy and help them in every way he possibly could. His brother Ryan, was his best friend and always wanted to be just like him. He was so grateful and happy that they were able to rebuild their relationship. He also loved visiting my family with me as they made him feel like part of the family too. He loved all kinds of animals and insects. We had two lizards, some fish and shrimp, a turtle, praying mantis, and stick bugs – all which he had to keep in the office because he knows I didn’t like them. We also had a cat and dog. We had our dog go through all obedience classes through PetSmart and dreamed of putting her through agility. Pepper will be starting agility school in May 2014 to keep his dream alive.

Kyle was very dedicated to his AA program. He was two years sober when he passed. Since the day I met him till the day he passed, he made a remarkable improvement in his sobriety. I’m very fortunate that I was able to be there and support him. He always liked when we went to the open meeting together on Saturday nights with his parents. Every time he led a meeting, he would tell me and I could tell he loved it and how much he loved the program.

Since Kyle passed, I’ve had a few signs from him. One that I will always remember was when he practically saved my life when I was moving back to Eau Claire, WI. It was about 11:00pm and I was falling asleep at the wheel when all the sudden I saw a white figure crossing the road right in front of my car. I don’t believe in ghosts but I knew it was him because he was walking with the walking stick he was buried with. White things kept appearing all around my car until I pulled over and had someone else drive the rest of the way.

I have never met anyone so loving and caring until I met him and I cannot wait for the day we’re together again.

October 2007 – Met each other
July 13th 2008 – Started going out
December 27th 2008 – Met in person
January 1st 2011 – Got our first apartment
December 25th 2012 – Got engaged