“And this is the will of him that sent me, that everyone which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life.”  John 6:40

In remembrance of my dear son Kyle who passed away due to negligence by a Dr. on May 25th, 2013; Kyle never woke up that morning.  Kyle was the sweetest young man a person could know. I miss him every single day and think about him so much every day.  He was always there to listen to me and give me big bear hugs.  I am so very proud of Kyle and not a day will go by that he’s not with me. I love him with all my heart and soul.

Wikipedia sums up just a little amount of Kyle’s huge success on the internet which was written by kylehimself :”I’ve been in the internet industry for almost 10 years, and I’ve learned quite a lot through both trial and error as well as spending money where money needs to be spent. I know HTML and PHP like the back of my hand, and I’ve created quite a gallery of successful applications that are being used by some of the largest marketing industries.

I have a beautiful fiancee named Jennifer, who is the love of my life, and has been the solid rock that I’ve always have been looking for. We have known each other for over four years, and have been in a relationship for over three years. Every day is more amazing with my fiancee, and I’m never going to let her go!

My job consists of being an affiliate manager for a large marketing corporation known as EWA Private Network. I have been with this company for almost over two years now, and it has brought quite a few opportunities to me that I would never get the chance to have before.

My goal is to be the best of the best in what I do, and I know that with patience and time, I will be ahead of the game.

Since early 2003, I have been developing websites and programming with PHP, HTML, Javascript, CGI, and Pearl. After over 6 years of SEO – 3 Good / 3 Bad – I got hired at EWA Prviate Network as an Affiliate Manager, and I absolutely love the job. Being an internet baller is harder than you think. It takes a lot of concentration, frustration, and trial and error, but it keeps me on my feet!

Rebuilt KyleEagle.com

This has been one of the most pleasurable and entertaining job of my life. I will go to all lengths to get my name out there, and if I have to spend money, so be it. I’m a proactive and optimistic man that loves hard work and dedication for everything I do. I will not say no to a challenge, and I know that the impossible is achievable! I keep humble every day, and stay grateful every night. I would not be in this position, or have the opportunity to get where I am right now without God’s help. I have plenty of huge plans for the future for my blog, and now that I’m clear headed, I know I’ll be able to get there!

Started WaChubble is Dis?

Out of curiosity and as a new challenge, I have started up a brand new viral blog on Tumblr called WaChubble is Dis?, and everything has been nothing but up from the beginning! Pulling in as much time as I can during my free time, I dedicate a lot of effort into adding new plans and adjusting ranking. It was definitely a lot easier starting up the blog than I thought, and I take pleasure working on it. I will continue to make this the best viral blog on the interweb

Kyle, like his brother Ryan was an entrepreneur and I have absolutely no doubt that his future would of continued to be bright with regard to internet business, AA, and his life with Jenny and us.

During Kyle’s younger years he went to a Presbyterian Preschool 2 days a week and for the Christmas Pageant played an angel; Kyle was a beautiful child with the most beautiful brown eyes and wonderful smile. Kyle also had a sung beautifully. He absolutely loved music.  I remember Kyle got a music and voice recorder from Santa one year and he always had it with him. He loved music as a very young child and throughout his 22 years. He was also in band from 5th grade- 8th grade and played the Trumpet. He also loved Rap music very much and enjoyed equally listening to his wind chimes when he was outside his own home with Jenny.  He also was fascinated by vacuum cleaners and how they worked and Santa brought him his own dust buster one year!  Kyle learned to swim when he was just a toddler and loved our pool in Houston Texas and would spend every day in it.  He often gathered pots and measuring cups and pretended to do Science experiments while playing in the Jacuzzi; Kyle loved Science so much his whole life and in Junior High participated in the Science Fair. Kyle was later in Swim Team and earned many trophies.  Kyle also was in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and his favorite activity was camping.  Later Jenny and Kyle bought camping equipment and went camping to Michigan; something he would have continued to do yearly had he lived. Kyle loved going to Lake Michigan and had been going there (since he was a baby) with his dad, Ryan, his grandma (who he loved very much) and me. Ryan and Kyle’s favorite things to do at the beach were swimming, digging huge holes in the sand, walking the beach and collecting polished glass.  Kyle continued to collect polished glass from the beach with Jenny up until his passing.   Kyle was gifted in many areas and Computers were his favorite past time.  Kyle went to the library and checked out many books on different programming and taught himself to program in four languages.

It makes me so very proud that he is my son.  Kyle always had a smile on his face that was contagious to all; he had the ability to light up a room!  Kyle’ greatest strength was his devotion to God, his family, and his A.A. program (Kyle had over 2 years sobriety when he passed away). The night before he died he gave the lead at his men’s group as he often did and was anticipating a fun Memorial Day weekend.  He and his fiancée Jenny went shopping for Teiki lights Friday night after his A.A. meeting and knowing Kyle he was most likely going to invite Ryan and Katie and Tom and I over for dinner over the weekend-he very much liked to entertain and he was very proud of his home.  When Kyle chipped the bones in his ankle he had several people to his home for A.A. meetings since he couldn’t drive.  When Kyle first moved in with Jenny he had a huge open house and I’ve never seen him happier than to be surrounded my friends and family that loved him very much-these were the things that were important to Kyle! Kyle had the ability his whole life to turn things over to God and often talked to me about how I to could learn how to do this.  I remember once in High School when he had his Cadillac and he was leaving to drive to school.  He went outside only to find all the tires missing and the car jacked up.  Kyle didn’t get angry but simple said “Let go and let God.”

Kyle had two heroes in life, his father and his brother Ryan; both of which he was extremely close to.  Ryan and Kyle were best friends and together they developed numerous web sites and went into business together.  Everything Ryan did, Kyle wanted to do too.  Since Kyle was a baby he has loved the out of doors and especially nature.  He loved bugs as a child and I remember when he was in softball he had more fun looking for insects than playing the game.  As he grew up his love for animals continued and we always had pets in our home; everything from turtles to Bearded Dragons to cats and dogs.  When Kyle and Jenny moved in together they got a dog from an Animal Shelter (Kyle always believed in saving dogs and cats from shelters) and named her Pepper (a Border Collie) and they also got a kitten and named her Saturn.  Together Jenny and Kyle took Pepper on walks every day and went to forest preserves with her several times a week. They also brought Pepper over to our home at least once a week to play with our dogs. Kyle and Jenny also had their dog Pepper in dog training classes and were anticipating starting Agility classes just prior to his passing. They had Pepper so well trained and showed her so much love that I would often tell Kyle what a great father he would be one day.  Kyle also had a bearded dragon and about a year ago started raising Praying Mantises; of which he did extensive research on.  Kyle also loved plants and he and Jenny would often go to Botanical Gardens and Kyle would take tons of pictures of the many plants he loved. Kyle’s favorite part of the gardens was the Japanese Gardens and he often talked about going to Japan one day.  In High School he took 2 years of Chinese and anticipated the language helping him with his computer businesses.  Kyle was a very humble person and not a big talker; he was a great listener.  I never knew Kyle took all those pictures at Botanical Gardens, nor what a great photographer he was till after his death when I viewed all his pictures from his phone.  Kyle and Jenny were engaged (he took his dad and I with him to buy a ring for Jenny and it is beautiful) and were hoping to get married the following summer; the summer of 2014 and probably an outside wedding.  Jenny was Kyle’s “Beautiful baby girl” and every time he hung up with her on the phone he said “I love my beautiful baby girl”- he was truly a romantic.

Kyle loved Christmas so muchand it brought him a lot of pleasure to shop for his family and Jenny.  He put so much love into it and always liked to surprise others. Kyle always had more fun giving than receiving.  He helped his dad every year put up the outdoor Christmas lights and together with Ryan we would all decorate the indoor tree.  He always went with his dad to pick out the perfect tree.

For Kyle’s 21st birthday we took him, Jenny, and Ryan to Las Vegas for the first time (Ryan had been several times).  It was funny Ryan though older would get carded all the time and Kyle never did.  Ryan taught Kyle how to play Blackjack and Kyle won several hundred dollars overall and had a great time.  While there we went to see David Copperfield and he asked Kyle if he would be in a trick with him on stage during the show.  We were sure Kyle would say no (he had a tendency to be shy) but quickly said yes and he did a great job and he had a wonderful experience working with David Copperfield.  He loved Vegas, the lights and excitement, the beautiful hotel and just being there with all of us. Kyle had great plans to see the world with Jenny at his side!

Kyle had many plans for his life but was able to take it a day at a time.  The thing that brought him the most happiest was being in love and loved by Jennifer Barka.  She was his everything there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

Kyle and Jenny ate over at our home about 3 times a week and Kyle loved taking a bath here because we have a huge Jacuzzi tub.  Every time they came over he gave me a huge bear huge before leaving and I always told him to drive safe and call me when he got home.  He came over that Friday night after his meeting and shopping for a bath; that was to be the last time I saw him.  He left with a hug and an “I love you mom.”Since Kyle’s passing I have had a few signs from him.  Within a week of his passing I was making3 sunny side up eggs and I cracked them in the pan and went back to check on them and the yolks were in the shape of a smiley face- I knew then he was smiling down on me and he would always be with me.